The day we spread my brother's ashes in the Atlantic Ocean

Losing my brother to cancer

Feelings of pain, fond memories, and odd coincidences keep me connected to the brother I lost to cancer.

essential love drawn in color on a chalkboard

From all the Open Props to only the Open Props I use

Now that I have Open Props working in my 11ty setup, I wanted to get postcss-jit-props working to reduce the size of my CSS file in production.

a foot near the water at the beach

Dipping my toe in the Open Props water

I saw the recent launch of Open Props by Adam Argyle and then watched an intro video by Kevin Powell. I was intrigued, so I dipped my toe in the water.

a boy reading at sunset

Calculating reading time for a post

Where does that 'About 4 minutes to read' come from? Each of the posts on this site (there are only two so far, and this is the second one), display something like "About 1 minute to read."

a boy screaming into a microphone

Is this thing on?

Welcome to the first post of my new site! I'll be writing about my experience in building this site as well as a few others I've built using eleventy.