My first 30 days of learning to play the piano

A brief dive into my journey...with a few stats and a couple of (bad) audio clips.

a man playing a Steinway piano

Learning to play the piano

It's time for a new learning experience. So this year, I decided to learn to play the piano.

a man playing a Steinway piano

My winding road toward knee replacement surgery

Seeking to buy time as I prepare for what seems to be inevitableā€¦knee replacement surgery.

picture of my knee prior to replacement surgery

I left Twitter

I left the dumpster fire that is Twitter a couple of weeks ago.

firefighter walking away from a dumpster fire

Losing my brother to cancer

Feelings of pain, fond memories, and odd coincidences keep me connected to the brother I lost to cancer.

The day we spread my brother's ashes in the Atlantic Ocean

This never happened, but...

The following recounts a very real dream/nightmare that I had in the early morning hours of Jan 4, 2022.

a man smoking a cigarette

From all Open Props to only Open Props I use

Got Open Props working on my site, but wanted to reduce the size of my CSS in production.

essential love drawn in color on a chalkboard

Dipping my toe in the Open Props water

I saw the recent launch of Open Props and watched an intro video. I was intrigued, so I dipped my toe in the water.

a foot near the water at the beach

Calculating reading time for a post

Where does that '4 minutes to read' come from?

a boy reading at sunset

Is this thing on?

Welcome to the first post of my new site!

a boy screaming into a microphone