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a boy screaming into a microphone

Photo by Jason Rosewell

Welcome to the first post of my new site!

I've built the site with something called 11ty, also known as eleventy. It's a static site generator that I'm still learning how to use.

I'll be writing about my experience in building this site as well as a few others I've built using eleventy.

Some of the posts will be eleventy focused, while others will focus on challenges I've faced with CSS (and who hasn't faced challenges with CSS?).

I'll also be writing about some of the projects that I've worked on earlier in my career. You see, I'm retired now and I'm doing my best to keep my mind active. I'm an introvert by nature and while I do enjoy socializing, I get a lot more satisfaction out of building something out of thin air...and I haven't done as much of that in recent years. And, occasionally, I'll write about something I've read, whether a blog post, a newspaper article, or a book.

So, with this post, this thing is officially on!